This is me, Jacob Bruinsma.

Problem-solving polyglot.

I am the CIO of Nets & More. I was born in 1981, in the Netherlands. Since 1990 I've been fascinated with digital and analog technology.

You can find me here:

Management & Experience

I analyze problems and provide solutions, in many environments and languages. Often, it is simply a matter of connecting systems, integrating legacy environments with modern ones, or connecting with third party APIs.

Since 2003 I have been IT Manager, Network Manager, Software Developer, and currently, I'm the CIO of Nets & More (The Fish Net Company LLC) in Louisiana.

Software Development

What really got me started in programming was QBasic for DOS in 1992. Since then, I have productively used the following programming languages, both professionally and for personal projects:

I have some experience configuring LAMP stacks and Microsoft stacks, both physical and virtualized.

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